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wind turbine

Clean British Energy

85% of us want to see more clean British power from our wind, sun and water. Tell the government to switch to renewables. Switch your own energy to a renewable supplier.

diver calls on Harrow Council to Get Serious about CO2

Get Serious About CO2

Harrow Council are starting to take notice of our Get Serious campaign: they now have a climate strategy and a 4% per year emissions reduction target. But there is so much more more they can do.

flash mob at opening of Heathrow terminal 5

Stop Heathrow Expansion

The proposed third runway at Heathrow is possibly the biggest local threat to climate change. For up to date news and actions, see the many dedicated groups, such as: NOTRAG, HACAN, Stop Heathrow Expansion, West London FOE.

We have joined many actions, flashmob protests, and signed a parliamentary petition. Just after we met MP Gareth Thomas, Harrow Council joined the 2M Group, opposing expansion.

Waste demo at Royal Courts

Waste and Incineration

We campaign to reduce the environmental damage of our throw-away culture.

Find out the latest news and what you can do.

Palm Oil protest outside Harrow Tesco store

Palm Oil Protests

We protested over Tesco's irresponsible Palm Oil production, which damages rainforests, and threatens the Orang Utan.

Election Promises

Do you know the views of your local councillors on environmental issues? During the 2010 local elections, we asked some questions on your behalf. Here are the candidates' responses. Note that Bill Stephenson, who answered the questionnaire on behalf of Labour, then became leader of the council.