Get Serious About CO2

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Councils have a big say in how we heat our homes and how we get around. So we need them to take steps that will lead to meaningful cuts in carbon emissions. Serious action on climate change will create jobs, slash energy bills and boost the local economy.

We have been calling on Harrow Council to:

  1. Commit to carbon emission cuts in our local area of at least 40% by 2020 - and produce an action plan detailing how it's going to happen.
  2. Support the introduction of local carbon budgets for every council - that's a budget limiting the carbon that each area can emit.
  3. Back Friends of the Earth's campaign for more money and support for councils to get on with local action to cut carbon.

We've been talking with councillors and council officers; we gathered petition signatures and photos of concerned citizens, and presented the petition to the council. On 17 September 2009, we were pleased to witness the council adopt their climate change strategy including a target of 4% per year reductions in the area's CO2 emissions. This would be equivalent to 40% by 2020, but the council has made an explicit commitment only until 2011/12. We need a long term commitment.

Next Steps

Harrow Council's Climate Change Strategy is a good start, but we believe it can be improved. Friends of the Earth have prepared several briefings and reports to help in this, detailing best practice among councils throughout the UK.