Waste and Incineration

We campaign to reduce the environmental damage of our throw-away culture. Recent minor successes include persuading Harrow Council to provide a No Junk Mail sticker for residents, and to improve the recycling information on their website.

Demo at Royal Courts - click for a larger image
Demo at Royal Courts in 2007

Friends of the Earth opposes incineration of waste because it:

  • encourages more waste
    Incinerators need a minimum of rubbish to operate. This demand conflicts with councils waste reduction and recycling efforts.

  • generates energy inefficiently
    Incinerators that generate electricity produce more greenhouse gases than gas fired power stations - see Dirty Truths for more information.

  • wastes energy
    Recycling saves far more energy than is generated by burning waste because it means making less new things from raw materials.

  • causes pollution
    Smoke, gases and ash from incinerators can contain harmful dioxins which are a cause of cancer.

We can do more to reduce, re-use or recycle our waste. But what to do with what's left?

Any recyclable waste should be removed. Then we should compost or anaerobically digest the rest, and dispose of the remains via landfill.

Take Action

West London Waste Authority is planning to build new residual waste facilities in West London. Keep track of their meetings and plans on the Meetings Listings provided by Hounslow Council.